RTR Technologies. LLC new Patented Foliage Penetrating Radio Wave Technology

LinePro – RTR’s standard survey-grade system

SkyRanger – RTR’s drone mounted system

RTR …the smarter greener way to map land!

RTR’s new foliage penetrating radio wave based patented technology makes it the perfect tool for land surveyors, civil engineers, building contractors, landscape architects, fence builders, archeologists, preservationists, the military, and more.

As a land surveyor licensed in four states with over thirty-five years of experience, I wanted a better way to find and mark property lines without cutting down trees and shrubs. The concept of using radio waves to penetrate foliage while finding and marking property lines formed. I hired the engineering firm, Colorado Electronic Product Design, and along with David Farrell, a radio frequency engineer, developed RTR or Real Time Ranging technology. After we created and tested a working concept prototype, I secured pre-approval of a dedicated FCC radio wavelength and patented my new cutting-edge technology. RTR technology works by setting transponders on two property corners and walking through foliage along the property boundary with a range detector pole that emits a sound when the surveyor steps on the property line. This allows the surveyor to find and mark property lines without hacking at homeowner landscaping or removing trees from forests and jungles.

The RTR ground based system consists of a lightweight graphite pole mounted with a range detector unit along with two lightweight graphite poles mounted with small transponder units. All three units contain a digital circuit with a micro controller and a field programmable gate array or FPGA for signal generation and processing.

A smarter way to find and mark property lines, the RTR systems allow land surveyors to do work on projects and jobs without using bulldozers, chainsaws, or machetes to cut down trees and shrubs along boundary or property lines. It also helps contractors and fence builders locate property lines without removing trees and shrubs.

  • The RTR system is the first of its kind, providing a less expensive alternative to survey-grade GPS units and total stations.

  • RTR technology cuts down job time and costs since trees and shrubs don’t have to be removed in order to find and mark property lines.

  • While it does penetrate foliage, RTR technology also works in the open, meaning jobs can be completed using one system.

  • The RTR Drone mounted system captures aerial photos and video as well as locating x, y, z coordinate points and is perfect for mapping large areas.

Our RTR or Real Time Ranging Technology is protected by its first United States Patent.

Thomas G. Pattison, inventor

Click here to view RTR Technologies first approved U.S. Patent No. 10101435.

Click here to view RTR Technologies second approved U.S. Patent No. 11035947.