RTR Technology Inventors & Engineers

Thomas G. Pattison

Licensed Professional Land Surveyor

After majoring in business management, Thomas Pattison worked as a lieutenant at the Kerrville Texas Fire Department, studying for his land surveying license on his down time at the fire station. Tom went on to get land surveying licenses in four states: Texas, Colorado, New Mexico, Hawaii.

In 2003, Tom started Pattison Land Surveying, Inc. on the Big Island of Hawaii. He got his private pilot’s license and expanded his surveying business into aerial terrestrial LiDAR and airborne LiDAR bathymetry surveys via helicopter and gas-powered drones [Aerial Surveying, Inc.]. While surveying the dense rain forests of Hawaii, Tom envisioned a smarter greener way to collect data points for land mapping and marking property lines.

Tom partnered with radio frequency engineer, David Farrell, they invented a proof-of-concept prototype. On October 16th, 2018, they were granted the first U.S. patent for their new RTR aka Real Time Ranging radio wave based foliage penetrating technology.

David Farrell

Professional Engineer

David Farrell is a licensed Professional Engineer with a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering and 10+ patents and 30+ years of design and management experience.

David has extensive design experience in the areas of: servo control, filter banks, echo cancellation, telecom signaling, companding, waveform generation and recovery, multi-channel multiprocessing, MRI, correlation, compression, encryption, etc., synchronous and asynchronous busses, state machine, digital phase locked loop, aerospace, ECG, high speed ADC and DAC interfaces, digital radio, HDTV, FPGA, PLD, VHDL,  wireless, RF, amplifiers, IR, FM, PM, FDM, matching and signal filters, microstrip and stripline, high sensitivity, high voltage, isolation, charging control, etc. His software experience for embedded control and PC includes: C, C++, Matlab, Javascript, HTA, Powershell.

David’s specializes in: DSP, control systems, digital/FPGA design, mixed signal and RF design and software.